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Servicing Owners and Developers across Melbourne.

Providing you the fine balance between strategies, services and the right people Tideways meets the need at every stage of your property’s development.

Not just exceptional, Tideways services are fair and affordable. We charge a time irrespective flat fee with no hidden fees to help combat spiralling costs.

Tideways提供墨尔本的业主以及地产发展商一系列的业主立案法团服务。我们的收费不是按时计算而是以年度固定和保证没有隐藏以防不断上升的管 理费 用。无论您是业主或是发展商,我们的专业团队会为每一位客户特别订造一系列的服务并且保证同一天回电第一时间解决您的问题。

Tideways focus on meeting the strata plans needs of owners and developers, striking the fine balance between managing strategies and services at every stage. Our professional teams partner with clients from the get-go. Highest priority is given to listening and understanding client needs and respecting the asset value of their properties.

Our core values and principles are shared by the company’s directors, managers, customer service staff, trades people and contractors. Starting with the basics that include a guaranteed call back on the same business day, our teams are dedicated to providing a standard of excellence when servicing, maintaining and preserving client assets.

“We appointed Tideways to help us establish the operation of our Owners Corporation and its ongoing management. They resolved numerous issues and are dedicated, responsive and professional in their approach”.

2015 Update:
“Since owners settled into Elwood Green three years ago, we have had our fair share of teething issues. Tideways have been there by our side since the beginning and have performed exceptionally. From simple maintenance issues to more complex problems they have only ever been an email or phone call away, with all matters resolved immediately. They are highly recommended to anyone looking for a stand-out Owners Corporation Manager”.

Elwood Green Development

Owners Information

Independent and comprehensive owners corporation management services for owners across legislative, administration, financial, maintenance and governance matters, including:


为求达到最好的服务水准本公司提供全面的业主立案法团的经理服务。业主立案法团一切的事项都按照 Owners Corporation 2006 法和相关法律规矩的要求。本公司保证所有产业的消防设备依法齐全并且会定时由专业人员作出检查。

Enhancing the communal living choices of owners and residents in inner Melbourne, our dedicated team of professionals combine exceptional experience and industry knowledge to create and deliver innovative, practical management and maintenance solutions.

Investor or owner-occupier? We understand the complexities and roadblocks involved. This enables us to deliver service excellence to owners and residents in our strategies, services and people to meet the needs of residential and commercial strata properties and their Owners Corporations.

Beginning with a free property health check for owners, we inspect existing buildings and assess issues surrounding the strata scheme in a customised overview. Our recommendations are clearly communicated and on appointment we commit to clients goals immediately. In both simple and complex matters our clients are reassured that we care, with a guaranteed response to phone calls and emails on the same business day.

And, care we do. Like no other management company in the industry. How so? Our story began in the early 1990’s as property developers, owners and clients ourselves. Today, our clients benefit from a realistic perspective, industry insight and twenty years of genuine experience.

Property Management:

  • 24 hour Hotline for emergency repairs to common property
  • Regular on-site property inspections
  • Ensure assets are maintained in accordance with best practice
  • Arrange quotes for the enhancement, repair and/or maintenance of common property
  • Oversee property maintenance, repair and replacement in accordance with instructions
  • Arrange property reports as required
  • Unbiased insurance valuations, quotes and placement of all insurances, plus lodgement and management of claims


  • Prepare minutes of all meetings and circulate to owners
  • Tailored after hours meeting times to suit committees
  • Convene and conduct inaugural, annual and special general meetings, committee meetings and ballots
  • Prepare & distribute notices, meetings and agendas
  • Maintain the Owners Corporation roll
  • Enforce the adherence to the Rules
  • Prepare Owners Corporation Certificates
  • Maintain an accurate record of assets, strata plans, rules and regulations
  • Develop correspondence on behalf of the Owners Corporation
  • Communicate with new owners


  • Maintain financial accounts, prepare and present reports to members
  • Operate separate bank accounts for each Owners Corporation
  • Invoice and collect levies from all body corporate members
  • Pay supplier invoices
  • Convenient on-line payment portal, BPAY, and cheque payment facilities
  • Arrears recovery
  • Prepare & lodge quarterly Business Activity Statements as required
  • Budget forecast estimates and documentation


  • Conducting matters of the Owners Corporation, in accordance with the legislative requirements under the Owners Corporation Act 2006 and the regulations to that Act.
  • Conduct matters of the Owners Corporation in accordance with the legislative requirements
  • Engage fire contractors and ensure all fire equipment at the property is compliant and properly maintained
  • Provide general legislative advice and assistance to the Owners Corporation
  • Inform and communicate with committees regarding relevant and changing laws

“As an owner/occupier living in a group of 9 townhouses in Port Melbourne we were fortunate enough to be introduced to Bryan Phillips from Tideways. We struggled with the existing Manager to provide a service that was satisfactory. We appointed Tideways and now it’s like a new beginning – they have taken control and are in charge for us. It’s been a great start to the year – Tideways make things happen and without fuss. We look forward to a long relationship”.

Dale Mark,


  • 召开首届大会、年度大、特别大会、委员会会议以及会议前准备通告和邮寄选票
  • 准备所有会议录并且按时分发给业主
  • 保持业主的姓名、地址以及联络方式的更新
  • 执行共同财产有关的规则
  • 准备业主立案法团证明书
  • 保持准确的资产登记册、地层计划、法规和规章


  • 保持财务账目以及给业主提供所有有关的财务报告
  • 为每个业主立案法团开立独立的银行帐户保证财政透明度
  • 提供多种付款方式包括:电子转帐、BPAY以及支票付款
  • 定时向业主发票以及收集管理费用并且追讨欠款
  • 提供详细的财政预算案预以及有关的文件
  • 按季制备及递交业务活动报表及申报年度纳税

Developers Information

Independent and comprehensive owners corporation management services for developers across establishment and ongoing matters, including:



From concept to completion on small, medium and large developments of townhouses, apartment buildings, gated communities and commercial developments our genuine experience, knowledge and finely honed skills ensure that developers are supported at every stage, seamlessly.

We expertly tailor our comprehensive suite of services catering to every type of planning and development proposal. Providing valuable recommendations and solutions to developers that range from the simple to the complex we also troubleshoot on projects that may already be underway and experiencing roadblocks.

When appointed, Tideways provide a free consultation on the preparation of the property’s plan of subdivision to developers. Additionally, we arrange fast turnaround on registration of the plan of subdivision.

Exclusively for developers, our professional advice investigates the range of implications that surround planning proposals across administration and establishment issues that occur during:


  • Development and preparation of the property budget, customised additional rules, documentation for pre-sale and pre-registration of the plan of subdivision
  • Support for developers in caring for and maintaining the quality of the development and individual lots.
  • On and off-site consultation and support to developers throughout every construction phase.


  • Advice, assistance and establishment of the Owners Corporation
  • Obtain quotes for cleaning, maintenance, security, facilities, staffing, essential services and insurances
  • Supply complete set of electronic records and books compliant with the Owners Corporation Act of 2006
  • Open bank accounts
  • Undertake statutory requirements in establishing ABN and GST registrations


  • Welcome kit and introduction of Tideways management to owners and residents
  • Convene, attend and prepare minutes of the first general meeting

Ongoing management

  • Convening and facilitating inaugural, annual and special general meetings
  • Provide ongoing best practice and industry compliant Owners Corporation management services
  • Managing the day-to-day concerns of developers and Owners Corporation members
  • Skilled facilitation in dispute resolution (extra fee applies)

“Tideways has been involved in a number of my company’s building developments over the years. They continue to provide us with their undivided attention and a quality of service that is second to none. We are always assured of a smooth transition in the handover to new owners with Tideways there to dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s in the bridge between Developer, Builder and Solicitor”.

Bradley Wein,
Property Developer

  • 准备物业的预算,定制相关的附加规矩,预售以及分计划注册的文件
  • 随时随地与您会面,在发展过程的每一步提供最优质的服务
  • 提供有关建立业主立案法团的专业意以及协助
  • 依法建立ABN 以及GST注册
  • 查询一切清洁,维修,保安,保险,安全系统等有关服务的报价
  • 给所有业主提供有关本公司以及业主立案法团的资料
  • 持续的安排以及举行所有业主立案法团的首度大会,年度大会以及特别大会
  • 持续的维持最顶尖的业主立案法团经理服务
  • 专业的纠纷调解服务
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